Monday, July 31, 2006

Black Forest

I walked up the moutain "Feldberg" and this is the view I saw... Much easier if you don't have to climb it yourself...

one morning I woke up at 5am. I decided to get up and watch the sunrise and take some pictures. I drove up a mountain called "Feldberg". The sun was already there but I couldn't find a spot to take pictures from. So I drove like a race driver to get to find a spot where I could take a nice picture before the sun would be up. It was an adventure. I found this path through the forest that would probably lead me to the edge of the mountain, but it was not allowed to drive on it. I did anyway, cause a photographer by heart will risk his life more than once to get a good shot :-) Well, I drove this path and almost hit a huge deer that ran across just before my car (I always wondered why deer are so dumn). When I couldn't drive any further, I parked the car in the middle of the path and ran the last part of the way till I came to the edge where the sun was still climbing up its way across the sky. Fortunately the deer did not come back. But I made contact with some other animals that were not very friendly. I climbed up a little mountain to get the best view and was just shooting away when I noticed something crawling up on my leg.... I looked down and saw many huge red killer aunts crawling up my legs.... so I did a little dance, took off my sandals and did beat them on the tree next to me to get rid of this little monsters. I made it and somehow got back down the slippery mountain in my sandals, ran back to my car and drove back to the street, a little anxious someone would catch me on the forbidden path. Back on the street again I stopped to breathe and take a look at my pictures when something bit me in my leg.... so I did a little dance again until the aunt that was caught underneath my jeans got out.... what an adventurous start of a day!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Freiburg - Muenster

The Freiburg Münster is the cathedral of Freiburg, Germany. It was built in three stages, the first beginning in the year 1120 under Konrad I of Bohemia, the second beginning in 1210, and the third in 1230. Of the original building, only the foundations still exist. The church became seat of the Bishop of Freiburg, when it officially became recognised as a cathedral, in 1827

Freiburg - people

Freiburg is a "University City". Here are some of the students cooling down and relaxing

Two kids playing in the water while their parents are having coffee at an outdoor cafe

On the side of the street I saw a clown giving out candy to kids

The guy on the left saw my camera and said "Come, take a pictures of us". His friend didn't wanted to but he just held on to him. I told him they would be in the newspaper the next day..... well, not quite, but I think being on my blog is close :-)

It was a very hot day and this dog needed a little cool down as well

Freiburg - outdoor market

This is all stuff you can buy at the market....
They sell all kinds of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, spices, little gifts, flowers and much more.

city tour - Freiburg

Friday, July 28, 2006

City tour - Tübingen

This is Tübingen, a city about an hour away from where I live. My friend Becca lives there and we walked around the city a bit. It's very beautiful. She told me the reason why the old part of the city is still undamaged (many cities got bombed during world war II and destroyed)is that there was a hospital for wounded soldiers so they didn't attack the city.

Tübingen is well known for its University. It's also called a "University city". Walking around, you can see many young people and students.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

sightseeing in siebeneich

I walked around in my little village like a tourist from Japan and took pictures.... so here is your private sight seeing tour of Siebeneich (population 200)

This is our little fire department. We don't even have our own fire truck. We have a little trailor that has a fire hose on it. So if there is a fire someone comes with his tracktor to pull the trailor

This is our "Rathaus". It has a bell on top and every half hour and full hour the bell rings.... so everyone knows the time even if you don't have a watch. At 6pm the clock rings for a long time so the farmers outside know it's time to come home from the fields

Since a few years Siebeneich is very proud to have their own fountain. It's in shape of a wine glass because this is a wine area. Unfortunately there is only water in it.

This is a little thing for hunters...... Gazelles - watch out!!!

Hakuna Matata

no one can say it better than those two..... Hakuna Matata

bread house

around here every little town has their own ancient little house for baking bread. the women used to bake their bread in here. unfortunately only 2 or 3 grandmas still bake bread every once in a while. thought you would be interested....

take a look inside with me

this is the oven... it has two

this is the tool to put the bread in and take it out - and an old broom out of branches

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Siebeneich - my beautiful home town

this is the town I grew up and now live in again...
the population is only 200 people but way more animals. good that I like animals.

Friday, July 07, 2006

how my day looks like

Because everyone is asking me what I am doing now I thought I'd write a little about it.

My parents have an apple farm. Right now the apples are still pretty small (the size of a big walnut) but there are too many apples on each tree. So you have to cut some apples off that are too much. Otherwise all those apples will stay really small. But if you cut some away the other ones will grow nice and big.
We also had some hail that damaged the apples and so we cut those away that got beaten up a lot. Because we have thousands of trees this takes quite a bit of time.

Right now we have 4 people that work for us. With my family together we have 10 or 11 people for lunch every day (lunch is our main meal here). Right now I am cooking lunch every day and take care of the house. If there is still time left I am working with the apples.

At church I am starting to get in involved with a worship team. After the summer break I will start a discipleship class for teenagers that goes for 1 year. I am thinking about getting involved with the youth group as well. If I will go on staff at the church this will probably be sometime in September or October.

In my free time I am going swimming with my sister, catch up with friends, practice the violin and spend time with Jesus (which is my favorite thing to do).

Not much adventure going on right now...... Oh, but there is one coming...

in a few weeks I will have a vacation with Jesus. I will live at a monastery with real monks and spend time with Jesus all day long. I am really really excited about this. Just Jesus and me.

In a few days I will get my (long awaited) digital SLR camera. I am sure there will be lots of pictures to post. I will take some of the monastery and post them here. It's really pretty there.

Talk to you later......

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

my song for Jesus

What are you searching for?
What are you longing for?

I wanna know
What are you fighting for?
What is the dream in your heart?

As I gaze on your beautiful face
As I search for the treasures of your heart
As I wait in the silence for your voice
I sing

Awaken love in my heart
Awaken love in my heart
Awaken love, true love

I was created for love
I was created for you

Germany got kicked out

Germany is out. We lost against Italy 0:2. In the last few minutes Italy got the two goals. We are all shocked and sad.... I never thought I would get into soccer that much but I did. Everyone was.
It was a nerve racking game. Both teams played really good. I am proud of our boys that they got this far. They played awesome and showed great character.

Our chancellor Angela Merkel was at all the German games to support our team

Empty streets everywhere in Germany during the German games

It is beautiful what happened to our country in the midst of this world cup. Where people were ashamed about displaying our flag before because of what happened in world war II there are now German flags every where. On houses, cars, lamp posts, on peoples clothes and faces. Jesus brought healing and restoration to the land and Germany is in love with their country again. It's beautiful.