Thursday, July 13, 2006

sightseeing in siebeneich

I walked around in my little village like a tourist from Japan and took pictures.... so here is your private sight seeing tour of Siebeneich (population 200)

This is our little fire department. We don't even have our own fire truck. We have a little trailor that has a fire hose on it. So if there is a fire someone comes with his tracktor to pull the trailor

This is our "Rathaus". It has a bell on top and every half hour and full hour the bell rings.... so everyone knows the time even if you don't have a watch. At 6pm the clock rings for a long time so the farmers outside know it's time to come home from the fields

Since a few years Siebeneich is very proud to have their own fountain. It's in shape of a wine glass because this is a wine area. Unfortunately there is only water in it.

This is a little thing for hunters...... Gazelles - watch out!!!


Anonymous me said...

hey Tabea, I love the fire house and especailly the hunters post. I want to come over there and go hunting. that would be so cool! what do they actually hunt there? The house of prayer really misses you.


1:41 AM  

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