Saturday, September 23, 2006

more hedgehogs....


here is a picture.... more to follow... this time my sister took the picture and I am holding the little baby hedgehog

Friday, September 22, 2006

I am back...

Hey friends,

sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. I had some trouble with my laptop and the internet connection....

so just a little update what's going on right now:

We are in the middle of harvest time: picking apples, delivering grocery stores, selling apples at the market, overseeing 8 workers from Poland and Romania, cooking for 13 people every day... I am getting a little tired :-)

This week I was also working at a photo studio in the afternoons. Just to check out what a photographer does all day and to learn more about photography. There I met a photographer who actually lives in my little village. I didn't even know him cause he moved here a little while ago. He just lives 2 houses away from me. He is italian and he will show me some stuff. I am really excited about it. I am especially excited to learn more about photoshop, a program to work with digital pictures. My sister also got me a book for my birthday about digital photography.

Yesterday my aunt from Chicago came for a visit with her husband and son. They will stay 3 weeks and travel around a bit. Unfortunately we don't really have a lot of time right now to travel with them. But they have othere relatives they will visit as well.

I started to make efforts to get more in shape. I am working out to strengthen the muscles in my back and shoulders. I also joined this class that does Nordic Walking. This is fast walking with sticks (like you use for skiing). If you do it right it works out your muscles in your shoulders really well.

We had 3 little hedgehogs in our care for a few days. A friend of us found them. They lost their mom and were only about 2 weeks old. So we took care of them for a while. But they were not doing well, loosing weight and needed more professional care cause they are still so little. They need to be fed 8 times a day and 3 times at night and you have to rub their belly so they can go to the bathroom... very funny. We gave them to a hedgehog station and they will give them back to us in a few weeks when they are a little stronger. I attached some pictures for you.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Würzburg #7

Another blue door....

some weird things sticking out of a building

Würzburg #6

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Würzburg #5

Würzburg #4

Monday, September 04, 2006

Würzburg #3

This is another one of many churches in Würzburg. It's huge and very beautiful. In the basement are coffins where a few of the bishops are burried who used to reign a few hundred years ago.

This is the ceiling in the church. I am always amazed how the artists painted it so high above the ground lying on their backs...

Würzburg #2

I put a few pics of me in here, so you don't forget how I look like and how cute I am :-)

I don't know what was up with those people back then but in all the statues and paintings of women one of their breast is showing.... maybe it was the latest fashion, I don't know.

This picture is for my friend Ryan. He is crazy about old bikes...

city tour - Würzburg

Hey, would you like to see another german city? Then you can check out Würzburg with me. It's a city about an hour north from where I live. My sister and her boyfriend took me there for my birthday. I took some pictures so you all can see how it looks there....

Würzburg has tons of churches. This is the first one we came across...

We were amazed about all the little details at the architecture. My sister was really excited too, as you can see...

It's good to have my sister around again

Croatia #4

I found some sheep again I could talk to... Unfortunately they don't speak german...
I guess that's why they look a bit puzzled...

Stone walls everywhere you look. There are stones everywhere on this island. Even on the beach.

Enjoying the sunset on my last night at the island

Croatia #3

Trying out my wings...

This is Novalja, the town we stayed...

At this place we went swimming a few times. There was a lot of cool stuff to see underwater.

Two croatian ladies at the market selling cheese and figs. We had a fig tree in our garden at the house. It was really yummy.