Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup - Germany against Sweden

When Germany played against Sweden, my sister, her boy friend and myself went to Stuttgart to watch the game on a big screen together with 40.000 other fans. Already the ride in the subway was a party itself.

When we got there there were so many people that we weren’t able to get into the area with the screen where they showed the game. We were walking around trying to find a bar or restaurant that would show the game as well. Finally we found this outdoor italian ice cream cafe where we were able to watch the game. Germany did very well. We were very proud and so was everyone else. The ice cream was really yummy.

Everyone was hoping for a good view of the game...

the hottest german hairstyle right now

World Cup - Fan Pictures

Here are some pictures from fans that came from other nations. Germany was playing against Sweden that day. One brave swedish fan kept close to the english...

English fans were in town for their game the following day, enjoying the german beer

The English brought this huge flag. It said Pride & Passion and thousands of english fans signed it. They used it as a carpet to play soccer on and do little tricks.

Fans that came a long way... from Ghana.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

my home

Here are some pics from our house and barn

my family

This is my brother Jonny and my sister Sarah with her boyfriend Micha. He is definately a keeper.

This is my brother and the kids of my cousin playing with our bunny Randy (named by my brother after Randy Sundstedt in Roseville, cause he is the coolest american guy ever)

This is my mom and dad

Monday, June 12, 2006

my flight adventure story

I flew from Sacramento to Washington DC (to say good bye to my friend George W. Bush) and then to Frankfurt, Germany. After being in the air for a while I went to the rest room. I was just about to leave the rest room when the captain made an anouncement that we would get some turbulences and everyone should buckle up......
I had just thought “I better get back to my seat” and stepped out of the rest room when it already began. I’ve been on many planes but I never experienced anything like this before. I got tossed around pretty bad, bumping into people, almost hitting my head on the ceiling, holding onto seats while trying to run back to my seat. It was crazy and I almost got a heart attack on top (a little over estimated, but just a little). When I made it back to my seat and got buckled up, the lady next to me gave me a pad on the shoulder and said “You made it”!! You can imagine I didn’t use the rest room again for the reminding flight.
At least I didn’t get sick. I was probably so shocked and freaked out that my body forgot that I usually get sick when it’s bumpy. A lady next to me already got her bag out for motion sickness and I was fine!!! Always look on the bright sight of life, right?

In Washington I had a 3 hr stop over. When I got off the plane a stewardess told me the local time. I changed my watch and made myself comfortable reading and listening to music. When I tought I would have to wait another hour they suddenly called my name over the speakers and said I would have to come to the counter immediately. They told me I had 2 minutes to go on the plane...... Either the stewardess told me the wrong time or I messed up changing my watch. But I almost missed my plane just thinking it wasn’t time yet.
Everyone was in the plane already and of course there was no space anymore for my guitar and carry on in the overhead bin. Everyone was waiting for me to put my stuff away and sit down so they could get going. Finally I got my stuff put away in 3 different sections of the plane and we were able to take off......

At least we had no really bad bumps on this ride.......

I got in trouble...

... just before i was about to leave California.
I was driving home from my friend Ryan’s house when the police pulled me over. Apparently I had not put on my turn signal early enough. I didn’t have my drivers liscence with me which was bad. I guess it wasn’t bad enought cause then they came up with the idea I was on drugs.

They were convinced I had taken meph (I didn’t even know what that is and I have no idea how to spell it either…). They didn’t believe me when I told them I’ve never taken any drugs in my life ever. After a bunch of weird tests (like blinding me with their flash light, checking my tongue or taking my pulse) they were even more convinced I took drugs. They said they have to arrest me for driving under the influence of drugs. I was scared I would have to spend the night in prison.
I was hoping it would help to let them know i am a Misisonary at the House of Prayer but they were just mocking me for being a missionary on drugs.

They searched my car and questioned me over and over again, wanting to hear from me that i took drugs. After 1 hour of torture they let me walk home all by myself (at 11:30 at night) to get one of my neighbors to pick up my car cause I wasn’t allowed to drive it anymore. With the drug situation they would deal later, they said. I really didn’t know if I should laugh or cry so I did a bit of both while walking home.

I got my next door neighbor Anna out of bed and she gave me a ride to my car. The cops weren’t there anymore to arrest me and I was afraid they would come to my house later. So Anna called the police and they said they dropped the drug thing but that I would have to go to court the next day to pay for my ticket. The police officer who had pulled me over had written me a ticket (failure of using turn signal and driving without liscence) and told me if I don’t take care of it they would arrest me at the border if I would ever come back to the U.S.

So I went to court the next morning. Because they didn’t know how much it would be yet, they sent me in to see the judge. I didn’t really know what to do so I just watched what the people did that were questioned by the judge before me. It was a bit scary cause the judge wasn’t in a good mood and everyone in that room was upset and angry. When it was my turn I showed him my drivers liscence. He said because there are high fines in Germany for driving without your liscence (which isn’t true) I need to give them some slack and pay $132.

I wish I would have some pictures of this story…….
My grandpa once gave me a little tiny camera which is used by spies. Maybe I should carry it always with me in case I get in trouble again, so I can take pics for you guys….
I would have loved to show you the picture when I stuck my tongue out to the police officer…

World Cup - Germany against Costa Rica

Germany played against Costa Rica in Munich at the first night of the world cup. In many places they have big parties with huge screens where they show the game. I went with my brother and sister. We met lots of our friends there and it was fun. Germany won, of course!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

RHOP Good bye party #2

I think everyone should move to another country sometime in his life cause when you are about to leave people are really nice and give you cards and tell you how much they love you.... :-)
People who stay in the same place all their life totally miss out on that...

RHOP Good bye party #1

My family and friends here at the House of Prayer had a party just for me. I felt very very special. You guys are amazing and I will miss you soo much!!!

last trip to the beach....

After taking a thousand bathroom breaks we finally arrived at the beach. It was awesome. The water was freezing and only the very brave (or the idiots) jump in..... the secret is to not feel the temperature before but to just run in. My friend felt the temperature and said "it's warm", so we ran in.....