Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Germany got kicked out

Germany is out. We lost against Italy 0:2. In the last few minutes Italy got the two goals. We are all shocked and sad.... I never thought I would get into soccer that much but I did. Everyone was.
It was a nerve racking game. Both teams played really good. I am proud of our boys that they got this far. They played awesome and showed great character.

Our chancellor Angela Merkel was at all the German games to support our team

Empty streets everywhere in Germany during the German games

It is beautiful what happened to our country in the midst of this world cup. Where people were ashamed about displaying our flag before because of what happened in world war II there are now German flags every where. On houses, cars, lamp posts, on peoples clothes and faces. Jesus brought healing and restoration to the land and Germany is in love with their country again. It's beautiful.


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Blogger Tamatha said...

Oh Tabea! I am so happy for Germany...I teared up when I read your post about people being in love with their country again! That is SO wonderful:o) Praise Jesus!

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