Friday, March 30, 2007

I am back... with a black eye and a smile

Hey guys,

is anyone still checking in here?

Sorry I haven't updated this site in a while. Life just got busy and I forgot about it... Then a while back I remembered but then I realized that I forgot my password and they had to send me a new one... well, anyways. Here I am.

Since you know from my last entry in November: I started my job as a photographer.
It's pretty challenging. Working many hours, often 14 hours a day. And you probably wouldn't believe it but it's pretty exhausting trying to make kids smile all day long. At least for me who just loves to be quiet most of the day. Well, it definately is a good stretch for me to become a bit more extroverted.

I would love to tell you the reason I got the black eye is cause I got into a fight. But I guess no one would believe me. so i better tell the truth right away.
Last week I had a little accident at work where an iron pole hit me right underneath my left eye. It was pretty bad. I had to go to emergency room and they made x-rays and all that stuff and they said I am lucky that there was not more damage cause the hit was pretty hard.
I will attach a pic for you. It looks a bit different now cause it changes colours every day.
As you see, life as a photographer in schools and kindergardens is very dangerous. You should pray for me!