Monday, June 12, 2006

my flight adventure story

I flew from Sacramento to Washington DC (to say good bye to my friend George W. Bush) and then to Frankfurt, Germany. After being in the air for a while I went to the rest room. I was just about to leave the rest room when the captain made an anouncement that we would get some turbulences and everyone should buckle up......
I had just thought “I better get back to my seat” and stepped out of the rest room when it already began. I’ve been on many planes but I never experienced anything like this before. I got tossed around pretty bad, bumping into people, almost hitting my head on the ceiling, holding onto seats while trying to run back to my seat. It was crazy and I almost got a heart attack on top (a little over estimated, but just a little). When I made it back to my seat and got buckled up, the lady next to me gave me a pad on the shoulder and said “You made it”!! You can imagine I didn’t use the rest room again for the reminding flight.
At least I didn’t get sick. I was probably so shocked and freaked out that my body forgot that I usually get sick when it’s bumpy. A lady next to me already got her bag out for motion sickness and I was fine!!! Always look on the bright sight of life, right?

In Washington I had a 3 hr stop over. When I got off the plane a stewardess told me the local time. I changed my watch and made myself comfortable reading and listening to music. When I tought I would have to wait another hour they suddenly called my name over the speakers and said I would have to come to the counter immediately. They told me I had 2 minutes to go on the plane...... Either the stewardess told me the wrong time or I messed up changing my watch. But I almost missed my plane just thinking it wasn’t time yet.
Everyone was in the plane already and of course there was no space anymore for my guitar and carry on in the overhead bin. Everyone was waiting for me to put my stuff away and sit down so they could get going. Finally I got my stuff put away in 3 different sections of the plane and we were able to take off......

At least we had no really bad bumps on this ride.......


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