Saturday, June 02, 2007

tabea in action

Hey guys,
my sister came with me to a kindergarden about a month ago to see what I am doing. And she took a few pictures of me taking pictures of the kids.

Here you can see the process of me trying to get the kids all lined up to get a group picture. I have to position them according to their height and according to the colors of their shirts. This can be quite an adventure....
So here is part one...

Friday, March 30, 2007

I am back... with a black eye and a smile

Hey guys,

is anyone still checking in here?

Sorry I haven't updated this site in a while. Life just got busy and I forgot about it... Then a while back I remembered but then I realized that I forgot my password and they had to send me a new one... well, anyways. Here I am.

Since you know from my last entry in November: I started my job as a photographer.
It's pretty challenging. Working many hours, often 14 hours a day. And you probably wouldn't believe it but it's pretty exhausting trying to make kids smile all day long. At least for me who just loves to be quiet most of the day. Well, it definately is a good stretch for me to become a bit more extroverted.

I would love to tell you the reason I got the black eye is cause I got into a fight. But I guess no one would believe me. so i better tell the truth right away.
Last week I had a little accident at work where an iron pole hit me right underneath my left eye. It was pretty bad. I had to go to emergency room and they made x-rays and all that stuff and they said I am lucky that there was not more damage cause the hit was pretty hard.
I will attach a pic for you. It looks a bit different now cause it changes colours every day.
As you see, life as a photographer in schools and kindergardens is very dangerous. You should pray for me!

Monday, November 20, 2006

I got the job!!!

Hey guys,

just wanted to let you know I got the job as a photographer. I am really excited!!!
It's full time and I will take pictures of kids in kindergarten and schools (portrait and group pictures). I will start January 15.
This is God cause many people applied for the job - even professional photographers who have at least 3 years of training in photography. And they took me.
There you have it again: with God all things are possible!! He is amazing!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

some of my photography

the more pictures I take, the more I fall in love with photography... here are some pics I took lately....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

beautiful fall

Fall is my favorite time of the year. It's so beautiful around here...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hello again

Hello everyone!!!

I am still alive and well but our internet connection really really sucks!!!! Well, I am trying to post some stuff and hopefully it will work and not cut out all the time....

Here are the news:
I have applied for a job as a photographer. They invited me for an interview and it went very well. They said they would get back to me by last week and they didn't. So I will call them later to find out what's going on. I will keep you updated.

Last week I was at a Bible school for 1 week. It was so awesome. It was in Bavaria and I even saw a few "Lederhosen" while I was there :-) The teaching was all about Who we are in Christ and what we already have with Him living inside of us. I am sooooo encouraged and filled up. We have the BEST life with Jesus. I am so in love with Him and who He is.

The harvest is over now and all of your workers have gone back to their country. It's nice to just cook lunch for my family, instead of 12-14 hungry people.

This morning I had to scrape the ice of the windshield of my car. It's getting cold around here.

I will try to post a few pictures soon.....

Love you guys,

Sunday, October 22, 2006

training for the next world cup

The world cup is over but soccer is not forgotten around here.... this is me trying to play soccer with my sister and her boy friend on a sunday afternoon...